Coming Up Soon

Indigo (Destiny26 Series)

Title: Indigo | Cast: OCs, B2ST OT6, Lay EXO | Genre: Supernatural & Thriller | Length: Chaptered

A Year of Memories (Japanese FF)

Title: A Year of Memories | Cast: OCs, SHINee OT5, Suho EXO, J-Artists | Genre: Angst, Romance & Fantasy | Length: Chaptered

The Supernatural Dancer (Destiny26 Series)

Title: The Supernatural Dancer | Cast: OCs & EXO OT12 |Genre: Fantasy & Action | Length: Chaptered

WereLove (Destiny26 Series)

Title: WereLove | Cast: OCs, One Day (2AM & 2PM) OT10, EXO OT12 | Genre: Fantasy, Romance & Action | Length: Chaptered

The Mysterious Messages (PoetFic)

Title: The Mysterious Messages | Cast: OCs, SMTOWN Artists | Genre: Romance & Mystery | Length: Chaptered

Shin Hayoung’s note: Well, i make a list of my coming up soon projects. So you not only know what’s my next project, but you can give me some suggestions for it. Please help me, okay?

growling xoxo

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